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Multi logger AMS500

Realize the rationalization and efficiency! Equipment monitoring device (with diagnostic function) Motor sensor AMS500

This product, by monitoring the power of the motor of a machine tool (such as machining center and lathe etc.) diagnosis, discovers the wear and lack of cutlery, and notifies the time to replace it.

In addition, by using the vibration sensor and the like, it can be used to determine the optimal processing conditions, such as feed and rotation speed.
Other, monitor the status of various types of equipment by collecting the data of temperature, load, stress etc.

Purpose of use Retionalization・efficiency
Visible of the wear
of cutting tool
Enabled the exchange by life instead of periodic exchange,
it reduces the wear of cutting-tool and its exchanging man-hour.
Chipping of tool
is visible
Enable to prevent the outflow of defect, then reduced the defect rate
and quality expense.
Visible of the optimum
machining condition
By making possible to maximize the machining hour of tool,
it reduces the consumption of cutting tool.
Visible of the trouble
of equipment
Enable to prevent vital trouble and expand the life of equipment.

Constantly monitors the cutting electric power of the drill

・Drill of wear, breakage detection ・Abnormality detection, such as equipment  and coolant etc

Enable to prevent the vital trouble by consecutive monitoring of the electric power of drilling so that it can detect the trouble of the equipment like coolant etc. swiftly.

Fine breakage detection of drill

Detecting a twining of swarf by fine-chip

Enable to reduce the defect rate with measure like timely replacement of the drill by detecting the coil around the tool or small chip of the drill.

Setting of optimum cutting conditions

Set the optimum cutting conditions to measure the feed, rotation speed, vibration, etc

Can be set the optimum machining condition with the data of electric power and vibration during the machining, hence make possible to maximize the machining hour of tool, and it reduces the worn number of cutting tool.

Cause Analysis by history check

Checked the history at the time of failure occurrence, then it turned out the coolant concentration abnormality.

Can be analyzed the cause of trouble when it is occurred, by referring the history of problems since previously occurred issues can be accumulated in the server.

Optimization of cutting edge shape

Check the appropriate cutting edge shape and inform it to the manufacturer.

Can be reduced the worn number of cutting tool with maximizing its life by the proposal of optimum shape of the chip from various measured data.

State monitoring of the heat treatment furnace

Temperature data of heating, rising and cooling booth.

Can expand the life of equipment enabled the prevention of vital trouble by monitoring the equipment, such as the temperature data of heating, temprature rising and the cooling of the booth.

Monitoring of generation of abnormality in the heat treatment furnace.

Equipment condition monitoring network

Avoid the critical trouble in advance by monitoring
the condition of equipment!
Make possible to analyze the cause of trouble by
referencing previously recorded data!

Get the error message by your mobile phone! Possible to catch the trouble on a real-time bases!

Save data acquired from the network of monitoring
the equipment you will have constructed.

2 types available for use

AMS500 Fixed type


AMS500 Handy type


AMS500 Specification

  StandardStandard 4 Channels
Type Fixed Handy Fixed Handy
Electric power source DC24V AC100V DC24V AC100V
Input Electric power 1 Channel None
Analog 2 Channels 4 Channels
Function Judgment
set number
32 waves
Trend type Variation, maximum value, range, sigma
  Main body
32 waves、64000trends (Over 10000waves, 4096000trends for SD card)
Analog input specifications Select one from among DC0-5V , DC ± 5V, 4-20mA, by the switch
Other Features SD card writer body built, FFT analyzer, LAN terminal


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