CarryBee's functions

Super low speed type

 Assembly line with AGV is booming. 
 Assembly lines with super low speed AGV (0.1m/min~50m/min) are increasing.
Get flexibility by AGV
・No fixed objects, no fixed conveyers
・Can assemble from any direction because of no conveyer around it.
・Easy modification of the production line with re-affix of magnetic tape
・Easy to change the length of line and processing stages as to production volume
・Can combine different kinds of products by modifying the working jigs

Advantage of the super low speed
  The line should stop at each process with current AGV, in that case, following
  issues arise.
 ・The cycle time of the process depends on the operator, because the AGV is started
  by the operator.
 ・The time from the process to process will be loss, because the AGV is running.

 Super low speed AGV can solve these issues,
 Please look around the page for detail specification.


Clean room type

Corresponding to clean room class 100

All low height types correspond 
S, M, N, L, H type
*The types of brash-less and direct drive
apply to clean room.
Next simple cart types correspond

 750,1000,1500kg towing
 (400kg, 500kg, 750kg loading)
*The types of brash-less and direct drive apply to clean room.

Non-contact battery charger

Electrode doesn't contact at charging.

The small power feeding parts are useful even
  narrow space.
In case of Low height type, AGV connecting towed cargo can
  be charged. (Power feeding parts are set between the side of
  AGV and wheel of towed cargo.)
Drip-proof level is IP54

Blade bumper

The long stroke of blade bumper enhances the safety

Saving the maintenance cost
The blade is exchangeable by itself..
Corresponding to CE standard
Blade bumper corresponds to CE standard by the set with PBS
  obstacle sensor.