Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), a leading unmanned tool for in-plant conveyance systems

By utilizing AGV for in-plant conveyance processes. Aichikikai techno System realizes cost reduction at manutacturing sites and contributes to global environmental conservation and the improvement of the labor environmerit.

Aichikikai techno system co., ltd.

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     We will exhibit our AGV
Thaidland INDUSTRIAL FAIR 2013
   Date  : 31 Jan (Thu)~3 Feb(Sun)
   Venue : Hall 101-104, Bangkok International
          Trade Exhibition Centre(BITEC)
          Booth No. N48-50


News & Topics

Super low speed type    



・tows carts with assembly bed
・can replace current conveyer line
 with this AGV
・make your flexible assembly line
Please look around the page for detail. 

CarryBee-L type    

・Super low height type, H=170mm


Towing, Forward drive type (Forward and reverse type is also available)  

Please look around the page for more detail. 

Featured CarryBee
Compact Forward and reverse type 

600kg Towing

Forward and reverse

  • Compact size (L1400×W350×H350)
CarryBee-H High-load type  


Forward drive

(Forward and reverse available)