Contributing to the progress of AGV technology used all over the world



Our Slogan

  • 環境 地球環境保護
  • 人 労働環境改善
  • 企業 構内搬送合理化

Aichikikai technosystem Co., Ltd. offers unmanned and rationalized systems for in-plant conveyance utilizing the unique technology of the automatic guided vehicle (AGV).Developed for the automobile production industry, our AGV is easy to install and allows trouble-free modification of in-plant conveyance systems by the simple application of magnetic tapes.Furthermore, the AGV itself is small, easy to operate, and inexpensive, making it very popular with a wide variety of customers not only in the automobile industry but also in many other fields and industries. In order to more effectively respond to various needs that require improvements in conveyance systems, we handle overall operations including planning, design, manufacture, sales, installation, and maintenance of conveyance systems utilizing AGV while continuing to exert efforts to promote the global environment conservation, improvement of the labor environment, and rationalization of in-plant conveyance systems to realize meaningful contributions to society.

Message from representative director

Manabu Yamaguchi


Company Name

Aichikikai techno system co.,Ltd.

Representative director Manabu Yamaguchi
Capital 80 million yen
Number of Employees 41
Location 1-10, Minami-ichiban-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, 456-0055
Tel +81-52-661-1011
FAX +81-52-661-1012
HP aiki-tcs.co.jp
Founded Oct. 1998
Bank References The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd


October 1998
Foundation and commencement of the manufacture and sales of AGV
Feb. 2000
Started selling the AGV kit
Apr. 2001
Started selling motor sensors
Aug. 2002
Started selling the Carry Bee M Series, AGV
Jan. 2003
Started selling AGV equipped with an automatic connect/detachable hook
Mar. 2003
Started selling AGV equipped with a wireless communcation system
Mar. 2007
Started selling the Carry Bee S Series, a small-sized AGV
July 2007
Started selling the Carry Bee N Series, AGV
Feb. 2009
Acquisition of CE mark for Carry Bee Series
Mar. 2009
Started selling the Carry Bee H Series, AGV
Feb. 2010
Started selling the lithium-ion battery systems
Aug. 2010
Started selling the Carry Bee L Series, AGV
June 2011
Started selling the Carry Bee Lw Series, a ultra low speed AGV
June 2011
Started selling the wireless total-control system of AGV
July 2011
Started selling the noncontact automatic battery charger system of AGV
Jan. 2012
Started selling the lithium-ion capacitance battery system of AGV
Mar. 2018
Total AGV production reached 9,500 units


  • Design, manufacture, installation and sales of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Design, manufacture and sales of equipments related to AGV
  • Remodeling and repair of AGV and related equipment
  • Sales of monitor for equipment inspection (motor sensor)


1-10, Minami-ichiban-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya 456-0055
TEL +81-52-661-1011 / FAX +81-52-661-1012

Automatic Guided Vehicle CarryBee Variation (AGV)

Automatic Guided Vehicle CarryBee Variation (AGV)

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CarryBee is an unmanned carrier system which can rationalize conveyance between processes, parts supply to production lines and cellular manufacturing (assembly on AGV).

Dolly Type
Low Height Type
Kit Option & Accessories Customized Type AGV Wireless Integrated Control


Aichikikai techno system co.,Ltd. 456-0055 1-10, Minami-ichiban-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya TEL: 052-661-1011 FAX: 052-661-1012
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