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It can run at ultra slow speed.

・Running Speed 0.1 to 50m/min
・You can build a flexible assembly line by towing a assembly cart.
・Ultra slow speed running is available for the following types.
L type, M type, S type

Assembly line operated by Ultra Slow Speed type

The number of assembly lines with AGV has been increasing.

The number of assembly line with Ultra Slow Speed type (0.1m/min to 50m/min) has been increasing.
●Flexible AGV line
 ・No fixed equipment separating spaces like conveyer lines is required.
 ・Without conveyers, assembling is possible from all directions.
 ・To change lines, you need only to adjust the guidance tape.
 ・Easy to adjust the line length and the number of the processes in accordance with production volume.
 ・Easy to assemble different sized products by changing a assemble cart.
●Reasons that Ultra Slow Speed type is preferred.
  Without ultra slow speed running function, operators have to stop AGV while their jobs. The following problems may arise:
 ・Time loss is incurred as operators have to stop their assembling jobs when AGV is running between processes.
 ・Time loss is incurred as operators have to stop their assembling jobs when AGV is running between processes.

Carry Bee can solve these problems


Programmable / No Programmable Programmable (Count Up)
Transportable Weight 750kg (Forward)
Guidance Method Magnetic
Drive Method 2WD
Driving Speed 0.1 ~ 50m/min
Length x Width x Height L Type: 1445×170×450 (mm) ※350 width is also available
Minimum Turning Radius R700 (mm)
Continuous Operation Hours 8hours (depending on operation rate and battery size)
Performance / Function Running functions
 ・Setting speed: 10 speeds
Control function
 ・200 programs, 200 counts, operation mode (Straight running, Right turn, Left turn, Stop, Speed change, Obstacle sensor changeover, etc.)〈200 patterns of operation mode are available〉,〈Intersection Entry Priority〉,〈Wireless running route control〉,〈Start by remote controller〉
Safety functions
 ・Overload detection, Obstacle detection (Detection area changeable), Emergency stop switch, Buzzer alarm for abnormalities, Signal tower, Bumper sensor, Melody unit
 ・Drive wheel free structure in manual operation, 〈Electrical powered pin hook〉,〈Battery〉,〈Charger〉
 ・CE marking is not available
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Automatic Guided Vehicle CarryBee Variation (AGV)

Automatic Guided Vehicle CarryBee Variation (AGV)

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CarryBee is an unmanned carrier system which can rationalize conveyance between processes, parts supply to production lines and cellular manufacturing (assembly on AGV).

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