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Optimal for outdoor transportation between buildings.

●The outdoor-type AGV is designed to operate in outdoor environments, including rainy conditions, bumpy roads, and slopes.

●We have introduced a new trackless type with 3D-LiDAR sensor, which eliminates the need for installing magnetic cables.


Features of the outdoor AGV

 ●Features of the outdoor AGV

 ● Designed to operate in outdoor environments,
   including rainy conditions, bumpy roads, and

 ● The maximum towing capacity is 3000 kg.

 ● Capable of maneuvering in tight indoor spaces
   such as narrow corridors with a minimum
  turning radius of R700.

 In many factories, manually operated towing vehicles are used for inter-building transportation. The use of outdoor AGVs enables unmanned automation.


 There are slopes throughout outdoor areas, including entry points to buildings. Outdoor AGVs are capable of climbing slopes with a maximum incline of 5 degrees. They feature large diameter wheels for traversing uneven surfaces and have rain-resistant components in various parts.


New model of trackless outdoor AGV


 Utilizing two 3D Lidar sensors, commonly employed in autonomous driving of vehicles, to mitigate issues encountered with 2D sensors that may lose track of the path due to changes in the environment such as the loading of pallets near the travel route.
The inclusion of distant scenery through 3D sensing enables enhanced precision in understanding the surrounding environment.

 In the guided track magnetic type, magnetic cables are embedded as the travel path. However, by utilizing 3D Lidar sensors, the need for magnetic cables is eliminated, making route modifications and additions easier.

3D Lidar Actual measurement data



Payload capacity ~3000kg towing
Towing force (maximum during high-speed operation) ~3456N
Running speed ~120m/min (10speeds variable)
Guidance method Magnetic guidance
Running direction Forward, Backward in short distance
Turning radius R700mm
Climbing ability ~5degree (Payload ~2500kg)
Stopping accuracy(At the same carrying weight) ±10mm
Outer dimensions 1545L×732W×1425H(mm)
Performance and equipment Control method
・Count-up method
Collision prevention (Obstacle sensor)
・Laser sensor
Bumper switch
Signal tower
Melody unit
Battery 48v(150AH×4pc)

Automatic Guided Vehicle CarryBee Variation (AGV)

Automatic Guided Vehicle CarryBee Variation (AGV)

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CarryBee is an unmanned carrier system which can rationalize conveyance between processes, parts supply to production lines and cellular manufacturing (assembly on AGV).

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