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AGV Wirelss Integrated Control System Rremote Control)

Integrated Control System is the AGV operation control and monitoring system through screen on the ground with wireless communication.

Use of integrated Control System

Operation Control

  1. 1. Destination order (Route order)
  2. 2. Control of intersection and junction
  3. 3. Approach control to stopping station
  4. 4. Change of operating tact
  5. 5. Start with certain term (e. g. start depends on the location information of the cart)
  6. 6. Approaching required route (ordered by information of cart location)


  1. Grasp current location of AGV (shown on the map of touch panel)
  2. Grasp situation of AGV (Running, stop by obstacle, working etc.)

Summary of the system

  1. (1) PLC for AGV’s integrated control: This PLC is for the integrated control of AGV
  2. (2) NM (Network master): This device reads and writes the data sending and receiving between PLC and AGV
  3. (3) HUB
  4. (4) AM (Area Master): Wireless relay machine. This machine communicates the wireless with LM.
  5. (5) LM (Local Master): Wireless cordless handset. AGV equips each this machine of 1 unit.
Installation image

Communicated information (Ground side facility <--> AGV)

Operation Control

  1. (1) Start up and stop
  2. (2) Reset , Stand-by on/ off
  3. (3) Switch direction F/R
  4. (4) Pin hook up/ down
  5. (5) Speed direction
  6. (6) Program data
  7. (7) Diverge L/R
  8. (8) Direction of detecting area for obstacle sensor
  9. (9) Mode stop (stop by break, stop for charging)


  1. (1) Program information
  2. (2) Step information
  3. (3) Error code (code number to 128)
  4. (4) Moving situation of AGV
  5. (5) AGV working information

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Automatic Guided Vehicle CarryBee Variation (AGV)

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CarryBee is an unmanned carrier system which can rationalize conveyance between processes, parts supply to production lines and cellular manufacturing (assembly on AGV).

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