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Can I fix the guidance tape to the floor by myself?


Yes, you can fix it easily.To improve its durability, clean the floor and remove oil before fixing tape to the floor. Click here for details.

AGV won’t start even if Start switch is pressed.


Make sure the power is on and the drive unit is lowered. Click here for details.

AGV won’t turn on.


Make sure the battery is connected and the circuit protector isn't tripped. Click here for details.

Can AGV run at where there is no guidance tape?


If the tape ends off, AGV recognizes that it left the track and stops subsequently. Click here for details.

How can I charge batteries?


To charge batteries, connect the battery cable which is connected to AGV to the charger.Or auto-charging is possible by setting a ch…Click here for details.

How long can AGV keep operating?


It depends on the battery capacity and continuous operation hours.We recommend you to use the battery which can be used for 8 to 10 …Click here for details.

How should the floor where AGV runs be?


It should be concrete, even and smooth. If there is a step, ridge or waviness on the floor, Please contact us. Click here for details.

Can AGV run on the asphalt floor?


Malfunction of sensors may occur when AGV runs on the floor with many tracks because those tracks are more easily made on the asphal…Click here for details.

What kind of guidance method can you offer?


Magnetic method that AGV follows magnetic tape and optical method that AGV follows optical tape.In either method, guidance tape is f…Click here for details.

I want to set several stations. Can each station be identified?


In programmable type, each station is identifiable by programming the running pattern in advance. Click here for details.



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